Cash Flow Analysis

 Get Control and see where your money is moving!

Cash  fuels the quality of the life that you live at home or the office.  Controlling the flow of cash to and from your household or business  requires fiscal discipline. 

One way to determine whether cash  flow management meets your needs is to perform a cash flow analysis or  personal financial stress test. LC Advisor conducts a cash flow analysis  to identify the monthly cash burn rate.  The results may indicate the  signs of an unhealthy financial situation.

Some examples of the critical data provided by an LC Advisor cash flow analysis are as follows: 

What is the ratio of your cash savings to your monthly burn rate?

Do you know the total amount of your monthly expenses?  
(Combination of mortgage payments, car payments, food, utilities, cable, phone, etc.)

If you  lost your job, then how long would you be prepared to meet your  monthly financial obligations at your current standard of living?

If your  business wants to invest in a financial opportunity, what does that  mean to your cash flow? Is there sufficient Rate of Return within the  investment time period to justify the risk and your cost of capital? 

Your elderly  parent needs extra care, do you modify your current home to  accommodate their needs or subsidize in-home care at their existing  residence?

Can your existing cash flow support a private education for your children?

55%  of employed adults said not having enough emergency savings for  unexpected expenses was their top financial concern. PwC Employee  Financial Wellness Survey - 2016 results.
PWC 2016 Wellness Survey

Let LC Advisor perform a Cash Flow and modeling review and help you see first-hand where your money is moving.