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Planning for risks that impact your financial security and lifestyle

Your Life Insurance, Disability Insurance – earned income protection and  Long-term Care Insurance are financial products that help safeguard  your financial future and wealth. How do you know if you have the right  amount of coverage? Or, whether the insurance products that you  presently own are properly structured and efficiently priced for meeting  your needs?  

We counsel busy professionals and entrepreneurs in planning and preparing for the financial risks that could occur during  one’s lifetime. 

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At LC Advisor we are product knowledge experts with experience and resources to  help transfer financial risks. The continuum of risks during one’s  lifetime range from:   

Premature Death

 A committed couple with children needs life insurance. The life  insurance cash payment at death provides cash to pay current mortgage,  existing educational loans, credit card debts, future education tuition  and replacement of wage earners income.  Life Insurance Calculator.  

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Longevity Risk — Long-term Care Planning

The risk of outliving your assets as a result of a long-term care  triggering event requiring skilled care in a facility or home care.  Fidelity Investments’ 2018 annual  survey revealed that a 65-year old couple retiring this year will need  $280,000 to cover healthcare expenses  throughout their lifetime.  The $280,000 does not include the costs of Long-term care expenses. 

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Life Insurance

No one knows when death will occur. A suitable death  benefit analysis review ensuring your policy is performing compared to  original projections and confirmation that beneficiaries are up to date  may be needed. Self-Service Review Work Sheet and Sample Policy Review Report 

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Disability Insurance — Earned Income Protection

Protects earned income. Typical company sponsored group disability plans  have monthly limits and bonus compensation is not covered. People  insure their cars, homes, businesses and lives. Why would you not  protect your earned income?  LIMRA Reference

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Executive Benefits

The ability to retain, attract and reward senior key employees can make a  difference in the success of your business or non-profit. Retaining and  attracting “rock star” talent impacts non-profits. Non-profits need to  compete for talent just as much as For-profits.  Overview video  

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Estate Directory


Download the Estate Directory's easy-to-use template to organize your valuable information. Review and update regularly. 

Buy/Sell Agreement


 Buy/Sell Agreement and Business Valuation Checklist

Download and see where you stand today. If you have key people in your  company would your revenues be affected if they left the company, died  or became disabled?

Long Term Care Costs


 Long Term Care Costs have the potential to wipe out a substantial percentage of Retirement Savings.

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